Progress pictures

The main body of the chapel is a vast, but not entirely unusable, space. It’s probably as big as an average three-bedroom semi. (Downstairs, where we live, is equivalent to a good-sized two-bedroom flat). Heating and lighting has been installed, it’s got a new roof, and has the most fabulous leaded windows with delicate stained-glass panels.
We intend to create four rooms: two bedrooms, a small upstairs lounge containing the big east window, and a model railway room for Ian. Needless to say, this will be the biggest single space . . .
In the meantime the chapel space is being used as an extra bedroom for family, a playroom for our granddaughter, and as a storage space for books and general family clutter. Ian’s railway is behind the screen. But in winter it’s too cold to use, so we can’t wait to get started on the building work. These pictures show how it was when we moved in and how it still is today. The scaffolding was needed to change the light bulbs . . .


8 thoughts on “Progress pictures

  1. Hi Gina! What’s a make believe case study? I’m confused (and delighted to be able to use Betsy’s blog as a chat room for those of us who don’t have pensions and too much time on our hands. Ho ho) x

  2. I’m confused. Only half my message came up and in the wrong place.
    If I’ve worked out it is Kallman’s syndrome surely I can work out this site! (that will make sense if you can find the other half of my message)
    Love Rxx

  3. Oh my God. The generation who still have pensions and Too Much Free Time! Seriously.

    . . .

    Also a ‘Morag’ comment coming up: if I promise to keep up on posts, does this mean I don’t have to be ‘entertained’ first hand with building/nightmare builders/cute-dog-poos-in-builders-hard-hat stories? Lol

    Very excited to see you soon- stories or not. Love you lots.
    Regina xxx

    1. I’ve edited your comment for reasons of professional confidentiality . . . please please keep up with my posts. They will get more entertaining by the day, I promise. And it may get to the point where this is the only contact I will ever have with the outside world. It’s an appealing prospect.

  4. We HAVE read the entire blog up to “progress pictures” – great to see Harry and Maud again!- but I inadvertently (incompetently!) only replied to “About”
    Shall get the hang of it by the time you’re taking in your first “chapel” guests. What about the parking for the old and infirm!!
    G & J.

  5. This looks amazing, how do you do a blogsite? I am very impressed. Do you have a load of spare time or something?

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