Top dogs

Introducing our border terriers, Maud and Harry. As you can see they are creative (Maud is a great watercolourist) and intelligent . . .


4 thoughts on “Top dogs

  1. Hi Betsy – got your e mail – hope you have got your blog sorted. Good of Derrick to help you – I find that everyone I blog with on Google is very helpful when I get stuck. Hope things are going OK with you. Don’t forget to call for coffee. Tess sends licks to your two.

  2. Hi Maud and Harry (and Betsy too if she insists on reading this). I am growingup nicely and will be a year old next week. Am learning to stay by my master without my lead on (my mistress has not quite conquered the skill yet – I can frolic off when i am with her). Interesting that you get on the furniture – shall have to try that. I can get on the dining table though and the other week drank the milk out of the jug when no-one was looking – my footprint gave it away. Licks to both.

    1. Hi Tess – I assume you’ve written this. I’m just getting into this blogging business. I’m very jealous that you find jugs of milk on the table. The most Harry and I manage to snaffle are a couple of pencils (occasionally with a tasty bit of rubber on the end, admittedly) or a scented candle. They’re rubbish – who wants to eat lavender? Although we did once get a chocolate and cappuccino one. Delicious – but I couldn’t quite chew the little tinny thing it came in. Oh yes, and we did eat some grapes once, though they’re supposed to be poisonous to dogs. But obviously not to BTs, eh? It takes more than a grape to finish us off.
      Maud x

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