So that’s it then: what a short-lived partnership that proved to be. Just two days since I set up the blog and allowed Ian to share my valuable space and he’s off to the other side of the kitchen table. He wants to set up a blog of his own so he can write about model railways. I’m not entirely sorry because even if I wanted to, I couldn’t. And they take up such a lot of space: in blogs, in emails – he’s a member of three groups and they send around 300 a day: unbelievable – in the house (see below re renovation of chapel) and in his head.

Having said that, it’s an odd thing but everybody who comes to the house (correction – every man) claims some interest in model railways. They’ve either had one as a child and never got over the loss, have one in the attic which is massive but they never have time to play with, or have a friend who has the biggest most extensive layout in the entire world. I have a theory about men and model railways, sexist though it might be: I think it’s the one area of their lives where they can not only create their own space, but control it. Vicars are especially prone – they have not only families to contend with (usually) but unruly, disobedient parishioners as well. So they just make a whole new world where they can play God, since God doesn’t usually do what they want, either.

You can find him (Ian, that is, not God) and his trains at www.clecklewyke.wordpress.com


One thought on “IAN MOVES ON . . .

  1. Steady on Betsy. Model railways are nothing to do with control just an art form, a picture in four and these days five dimensions with sound as well.
    By the way the scones were excellent at the meeting of the Cumbria area group though Harry and Maud did there level best to reduce the number of said scones. Beside they do keep us out of the ladies way!!

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