Builders, beds and batteries – flat

WELL, I would add my photos of snowdrops at Mill Gill, new-born lambs frolicking in the fields, Ian and the dogs by the waterfall: I took them all with my brand new camera bought ahead of my May birthday – I find it’s best to get the things I really want want well in advance so I can look forward with equanimity to the lovely surprises that might not be precisely to my taste – but, sadly, the batteries were flat. I had my 8 mega-pixel mobile phone, of course, but that too was as dead as a dodo. Oh dear: I’m a technophile with no technical skills whatsoever. The point is, though, that I am continuing my rigorous walking routine and trying to record it in all its glorious detail. If only as proof that I am actually doing it. . . 

Meanwhile progress on the chapel continues apace. Three builders vaguely interested (no quotes yet) and today a lovely stonemason who came to examine the big east window (or is it south? – my sense of direction is slightly awry) and went away with the plans and the schedule for the whole job. Turns out he’s a builder as well. He is also au fait with the economic situation and an authority on government financing (which is more than you can say for the bankers and economists). He tells me that he has some work to do on churches in the area – or at least within a 40-mile radius – but that many of them are suffering from lack of cash because the government has taken all the money out of the heritage lottery fund to pay for the 2012 Olympics. That I can believe. I hope he comes up with the best quote as he’s clearly somebody I can not only do business with but have lots of interesting chats with about the state of the nation. Which I think we can all agree is pretty dire, and getting worse.

Harry and Maud have new beds – with little ‘walls.’ Harry was clearly feeling very insecure on the needlecord cushion on the hearth; hence his tendency to make for the comfort and security of the settee. Now we have taken a leaf out of the book of a friend’s border terrier, Tess, for whom the furniture is a strictly no-go area, but felt we had to compensate them for this withdrawn privilege. Photos will follow once I’ve sorted the batteries in the camera.

I should have been in London today. But it wasn’t to be. The friends I was due to meet, Ned and Marie, had a last minute hitch and couldn’t make it from Ireland, so now it’s scheduled for the 27th. I managed to change the train tickets but have become aware that the so-called ‘simplification’ of the pricing system just means the tickets have got more expensive. It’s costing twice as much for an advance ticket as it did before Christmas. Now, how surprising is that?


One thought on “Builders, beds and batteries – flat

  1. Maidenhead isn’t far from London Bets = and we do have a spare bed!
    The camera batteries may be flat but the great outdoors obviously recharged yours – or was it the helpful stonemaon/builder!
    Lovc J.

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