Things men say

JUST asked Ian why he’s stopped writing his blog and he says because he hasn’t had chance to work on his railway recently and so has nothing to report. “What do you mean, nothing?” I ask. “Well, nothing exciting,” he replies. I say his life must be at least as exciting as mine and I still manage to update my blog and he says that’s precisely his point. Do all men have this cruel streak?

This week The Guardian published my obituary of Mary in “Other Lives,” which was a really good feeling: she deserved some recognition for her tremendous spirit and refusal to let life get her down. Towards the end  just about everything was awful – her physical pain, her mental anguish as cancer claimed younger family members, the fact that she was housebound and dependent on others for getting out of the front door: yet still she refused to buckle. She kept her sense of humour and her Christian faith and remained an inspiration to us all. We do miss her.

She was going to visit the chapel for the first time in the spring and we’d so looked forward to having her. She’d have been interested in the building work – she was interested in most things other people were doing. This week we felt we’d made real strides when, at last, the windows were removed for re-leading and in some cases re-glazing. Brian and Mark from Kyme Studios in Swaledale took them out with worrying ease. It’s a wonder they haven’t fallen out before now. They were, apparently, not part of the original building but probably installed about 80 years ago. (Click on the pictures to see them more clearly).


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