Lost in translation

EXTRACT from a head teacher’s letter to a pupil: a perfect example of all that’s right and wrong with modern education . . .

“Dear [name of pupil]

“I am writing to say well done! Just for ‘being you!’ 

“I have looked at all of the students in this school and have noted that you have never had a behaviour consequence. Sometimes people who do everything right get overlooked – you haven’t been. Once again thank you and well done.

“There will be a special assembly for all students who have never had any consequences on [date] . . . I have also included a count of your praise points to date. Please continue to be you.”

Good grief . . .

Meanwhile, this from a Nursing Standard leaflet for medics caring for elderly people: “Urinary incontinence is common in older people and, while it does not directly cause death, it does impair a person’s quality of life. . .”

Well, I suppose you could die of embarrassment. Or laughing.


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