Shaping up

100_02042LOTS more progress today – and a picture of Andrew (Brown) who’s in charge of the project ,with Bill who’s doing all the plumbing. The weatherman says it’s been 22 degrees but I was so cold we had to ask Bill to come to fix the boiler so we could get the central heating to work. The sight of all that insulation on the mezzanine is hugely comforting to a cold fish like me. (Talking of which Ian thinks the water is leaking out of the pond. He’s convinced I’ve made a hole in the lining with poking about among the weeds. I hope he’s wrong: Charlie and I put three new fish in at the weekend).

Even at this early stage we can see the project beginning to take real shape. At Ian’s request, the railway room is taking priority. The area it’s taking up looks looks enormous. We’ll only have room for very small guests: nobody over a size 14, I reckon. But a fellow-modeller has already told Ian it looks a bit cramped. Well, he’s not coming to stay . . . 




insulation day 4



2 thoughts on “Shaping up

  1. Hi
    Fascinated to see the work in progress. – we looked at Bottom Chapel (twice) when it was up for sale and am interested to see what happened to it. The upper space – the old main chapel has huge potential – what are you planning for it. Also loved the preaching boards
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Jane
      Great to hear from you. We’re repairing and re-leading the windows where necessary, and making two en-suite bedrooms, a hobbies room for Ian’s model railways, and a small lounge upstairs. Oh yes – and insulating the walls which had had all the plaster removed. And just a few alterations downstairs which, as you’ll probably remember, has been really well converted. Do you live in the Dales?

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