Frame yourself. . .

THIS was one of my dad’s favourite expression. So I can’t help thinking about him when I see the framework going up in the chapel. Which is ironic as the one thing he never managed to do in all his 93 years was to frame himself. Still, enough of that.

The work is coming on apace and I keep mentally changing the shape and design of the ensuite bathrooms, usually at three o’clock in the morning. We did manage to see a few examples in a store in Leyburn, about as far as we were prepared to travel. The salesman didn’t know enough to advise us – if people are going to sell bathrooms, why don’t they do it properly? – but it was enough to convince me, yet again, that the internet would have the answer.

So three hours after logging on I’ve ordered two bathroom suites, two electric showers, and a toilet and wash basin for the downstairs loo. Easy, all within budget, and so much better than trailing round shops that you’ve travelled 40 miles to get to. Oh yes – and the showers are made locally. Or so the website suggests.


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