Random thoughts

Pussy willow by the riverSOMEBODY said that when you do a blog you have to be focused, not rambling and random. But life is rambling and random, and doesn’t come in neat parcels, and the fact is I have such a busy and interesting life (!) I don’t get chance to get it all down in one hit. So here goes . . .

Went to the doctor on Thursday to tell him about the pain in my left knee, the crippling pain when I walk more than about a mile and a half, the sharp pain in my elbow which has gone on for at least eight weeks, and my anaemia. I want to know why I’m anaemic when there’s no apparent reason. I hate going to the doctor, mainly because you have to wait forever (it’s a random, non-appointment system) and also because I know how their heart must sink when they see another elderly (yes, I have to admit it) patient coming through the door to complain about aches and pains which I’m convinced are in my mind and so incurable. 

Anyway, he took a blood sample, and sent me for an x-ray at the fantastic Friarage Hospital in Northallerton – clean, bright, friendly, spacious and efficient. I was mortified to see the potential diagnosis on the GP’s referral sheet: “Symptoms of OA. ? degree.”  Which I assumed to be an instruction to check for symptoms of old age and the degree to which they were incapacitating me. It was, of course, osteoarthritis, as Ian pointed out.

Back home after the x-ray we checked the progress on the chapel which seems slow but in fact is remarkable, considering the amount of painstaking work that’s gone into it so far. The balustrade is down from the mezzanine, and the main part of the framework is almost complete.


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