A spoonful of sugar

Sugar and salt

Two tablespoonfuls of sugar and a dessert spoon of salt in every jar

OR rather two. And one of salt. Just for good measure. I’m not a dieter, by nature or inclination. I rarely crave an apple, or wonder where my next orange is coming from. And it’s not just vanity or the full-length mirror that’s convinced me I need to lose weight, but a scary Channel 4 documentary last week about teenage girls having their stomachs stapled to stop them eating or in extreme cases – and these were extreme – dying. So I embarked with a reasonable degree of enthusiasm on a healthy eating regime. Last night it was a stir fry – lots of healthy veg and free range  chicken cooked in olive oil. It looked a bit bland, so I ferreted around in the back of the cupboard and came up with a small jar of Hoi Sin and sesame sauce. It looked vaguely Chinese and had a blue dragon on, which must mean something. It was only after we’d eaten it that I checked the ingredients: 16.2g of sugar and 1.6 of sodium (roughly equivalent to 4g of salt) per 100 grams. The tiny jar held twice that amount, at 200g. Quite a lot of sugar and salt in one supposedly healthy meal.


2 thoughts on “A spoonful of sugar

  1. It’s difficult to resist trying to jazz up an otherwise bland plate of food. But by the time you leave out the salt, sugar and fat it’s not worth bothering. My lamb cous cous tonight was a disaster. The idea was so promising, a delicious meal without the usual calories. But without the 100 gms of butter melted into it, the resultant cous cous resembled sand. And didn’t taste much better. Happy dieting.

    1. That hits the nail on the head. Think I’ll resign myself to the inevitable spreading waistline and just hope my knees will continue to carry me.

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