The perfect scone?

Perfection on a plate?




Perfection on a plate



MORE a work of art than a humble scone: fat and fabulous, cooked to pale golden perfection, and dusted with the lightest sprinkling of icing sugar. It didn’t need cream or jam, just that knob of glistening butter which must, surely, have come from a big, happy Swaledale cow.  We found it (the scone, not the cow) in the Overton House Cafe in Reeth, a lovely village at the eastern edge of the dales, spoilt only by the massed ranks of cars allowed to park on the green at busy weekends. But this was a quiet, wet, windy Wednesday, with only a handful of cars to spoil the view from our window seat – and that delicious scone beckoned. Yum! Well – kind of. It wasn’t quite as good as Lisa’s in our local village shop and cafe, the gold standard by which we measure every scone in every tea shop, but the cafe itself demands a return visit. An attractive evening and lunchtime menu, excellent service, clean, cosy and comfortable. Oh yes: and a 5-star loo.


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