THE BLOGGING has ground to a halt since I lost the connecting lead from my camera which is a real pain. There are lots of pictures of the chapel to download which I’m sure I could do some other way – Bluetooth or some such – but can’t be bothered to get to grips with yet more technology. Turns out I left the lead at Beth’s so she’s going to post it. In the meantime Ian took a few when the men came to replace the first of the windows last week, and the builders started to knock down the wall in the porch. Here they are:

We should have taken some of the lady in the village who called to see how we were getting on with it on Saturday. She’d worshipped here as a child and been married in the chapel, too, in the middle of an August thunderstorm. She remembered the layout and the narrow aisles: so narrow that a bride couldn’t go down on the arm of her father, but had to walk ahead. She also recalled looking at the big windows and realising, to her great irritation, that the  arches in the glass didn’t meet properly. Difficult to  explain without a picture, so must get one taken tomorrow when  Kymes of Reeth, who’ve been doing the repairs, will do the final installation.


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