THIS week marks the beginning of the end of the chapel project. Twelve weeks, and bang on target despite the best efforts of building inspectors, decorators who don’t turn up, a bent window bar, and – not least – customers (us) who keep changing their minds.

John and MaudA new, if temporary, addition to the team last week was John, on work experience with Mark who’s doing the plumbing. John lives near Darlington where, amazingly, he’s still at school, returning this week. “I love terriers,” he says as he stops Maud jumping over the parapet and landing in the road. “They’re invincible.” He’s right there: he has one of his own at home, apparently, a rough-haired Jack Russell. I wonder if he’s as camera-shy as Maud who’s refusing to look at me as I take the photo.

Finally got a shot of David today, but he had his eyes closed so will have to try and get a better one this week. He and the rest of the builders, plumbers, electricians and craftsmen (not craftspeople – it’s still a man’s world, whatever they say) have done a fantastic job. One week to go, and a little bit more for the outside probably. Oh yes: and ordered the window blinds today in Newcastle.


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