Birthday boy

NOT quite . . . It was actually last Thursday. We went to Whitby for the day and then to Robin Hood’s Bay, all in glorious sunshine.  Can’t remember when I last went. Must be 40 years ago, with Malc, before the girls were born. Friends – Jo and family, who I used to work with in London – came to visit us in June. They live in Essex and were having their fist northern holiday, staying in Whitby. Which is really what made me think about going. It felt like Italy, it was so hot, and looked fabulous. So did Ian. Very – what? French, maybe. Not Yorkshire, that’s for sure. Here he is, and here’s Whitby and RH Bay. Whitby was lively and busy: Robin Hood’s Bay felt like a ghost town. Practically every property was a holiday let. Hardly anybody seems to live there any more, which is sad.

The fishing net is one I bought for Charlie for the pond. I broke the last one. but not before she’d caught three and a half dead goldfish in it. I knew something awful had happened to them.


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