THE first thing we notice is the silence in the morning. After 15 weeks (until last week) of waking to the sound of men clumping about overhead – and yes, with one notable exception, they were all men – it’s eerily quiet. They were such a nice lot, not a bad egg among them, that we’re actually feeling a bit lonely. But for Ian that will all change after today: he’s in Wales collecting his new train set which he bought on e-bay. Oops! “It’s not a train set, Betsy, it’s a model railway,” he says in that cross, anorak-y way that MR enthusiasts have perfected. Anyway, from tomorrow he’ll be locked away in that enormous room with the love of his life for ever and I’ll have nobody to talk to but those awful, hen-killing dogs.

Here are the pictures to prove it is, at last, all over.  I don’t know how I managed to get the dates on the pictures, or why in some cases it’s showing as 1 January 2007. That’s technology for you. (It’s probably stating the obvious, but you can click on any picture to enlarge it).



  1. Hmm. The whole point was to build a railway room for me and not a single picture of it. A fine sense of priorities you have, my dear!

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