MAUD takes an unexpected dip during one of her (always futile, needless to say) fishing expeditions.

Harry comes quickly to the rescue and amazingly helps to drag her out. The fish meanwhile go happily about their business, gulping down the special food I’ve just bought from the pet shop and which – floating invitingly on the surface – is the true attraction for Maud. Serves her right.


One thought on “GONE FISHING. . .

  1. Did something similiar myself. There are lots of mullet that swim around our dock. I thought sure I could grab one that was right at the surface. Next thing— Ploosh! I’m swimming around, human paddling until my buddy came and pulled me out. That ain’t easy ’cause I weigh 74 pounds dry. Still, it shouldn’t be legal for a human to laugh at a dog in distress. I fixed him, I shook all over him. Visit me at http://www.sandysays1.wordpress.com

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