Ice crystals form on the fountain.

The garden pond. Will the fish survive this?

WE KEEP hearing the weatherman issuing severe weather warnings for the south and south east, the midlands and north east. But no mention of us, says Ian. Why should that be? For the same reason, I suspect, that we had the same problem in Oxford. Was it south, south east, or south midlands? As for Askrigg – north east, north west, central northern or just north? Where ever it is, the forecast never fits and we’re constantly taken by surprise. Anyway we feel we’re suffering quite badly – or would be if we actually had to get out of bed and go to work instead of nip out from under the duvet to take the occasional photograph. Of the back garden. Did go further afield today but – wouldn’t you just know it – the battery was flat in the camera. Thought it was so cold that when we got back I had to defrost Maud with the hairdryer.

Still my favourite tree



  1. I constantly moan to Bruce that we are forgotten in Wensleydale! However, the snow has been so beautiful and is so rare that we really shouldn’t complain and just enjoy the enforced slower pace of life. Having said that, I am thankful that I am not trying to run a business – no customers on top of a difficult economy must be very worrying.

    1. Yes – and we are even more fortunate, being retired and so not even having to travel to work. We have a freezer full of food and a comfortable and warm home. So all-in-all we feel very privileged. We try not to forget it . . .

  2. Nearly as good as being there! Even this surburban cul de sac looks remarkable with the sun set as a backdrop only I’m not quite up to sending photos yet -getting there! It looks lovely but I do not appreciate being housebound – feel really old!

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