THE COFFEE morning on Saturday for the victims of the Haiti earthquake raised £750. A small contribution in the great scheme of things but nevertheless a fantastic result for  a relatively small community.

Thumbs up from George . . .

Amanda and Liz

Tricia and Rob

Margaret, Edna and Mary

Tom enjoys a cuppa

Lots of cakes

Just a few left . . .

Plenty of helpers – by no means all of them churchgoers, which is some tribute to the co-operative spirit that exists in the community – and lots of folk from the surrounding villages. All of us, especially some of the older ones, glad of an opportunity to get out again after such a protracted and bitterly cold winter spell.

I’m struck, as I write this three days on, by a number of things. First, the contrast between the scene in our cosy village hall with an abundance of cakes and tea and smiling faces, and the scenes of horror and devastation in Haiti: people who, more than a week after the earthquake struck, are still without food, water or medical supplies. Second, the Welsh fireman who with colleagues is putting his own life on the line digging in the rubble in a desperate search for survivors, saying he feels privileged to be there. And finally, the realisation – again – that even though we can’t be helping directly like the fire and rescue services in Haiti, we can all do our bit in whatever way we can.


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