BOOK CLUB today. Can’t photograph the members so here’s a picture of the book, Calum’s Road by Roger Hutchinson. It sat on my bedside table for a month, unloved and neglected When I did finally pick it up, I read it in two days – and I’m not a fast reader. Having handed it back to the member who’d lent it to me I ordered one for myself to keep, and one for brother Jeff whose birthday was last week.

It tells of one man’s fight against the bureaucracy he believed was destroying his native Raasay, a small island in the Inner Hebrides between the mainland and the Isle of Skye, which had survived the ravages of the Highland Clearances in the mid 18th Century. A self-taught polymath, postmaster, lighthouse keeper and crofter, Calum’s is a story to gladden the heart and fire the sinews.

its journalistic style, with no self-conscious literary pretensions but a determination just to tell the story, isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. But I loved it and felt its spare, unpretentious style, did perfect justice to its subject.

It led me to explore further and discover a related blog http://www.lifeattheendoftheroad.wordpress.com, a daily account of life on Raasay and a website containing spectacular wildlife photographs: http://www.isleofrona.com. Rona is the even smaller, rocky island to the north, but part of, Raasay. I’ve put them on my blog roll as can’t seem to link them here. Not clever enough.


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