Oswald's Outlook Issue 30

A brief preview of the August/September issue of Oswald’s Outlook, the church and community newsletter which I’ve just put to bed while keeping an eye on the Murdochs and Rebekah Brooks giving evidence to a committee of MPs: pondering that she was born in the week before I joined the Daily Mail and wondering how she ended up as head of News International while I’m doing the parish magazine. Hey ho. I can only say I’m glad I’m in bed with Ian and St Oswald and not – well, News International.
We’ve got eight pages this month, there’s so much going on and so many people with stories to tell. None would have made the News of the World, but they’re probably all the better for that. It should be through the village letterboxes next week thanks to the willing army of volunteers who fold, assemble and deliver it. I’ve started a blog/website for it as well at It’s all very satisfying. My own little media empire. Eat your heart out, Rupert.


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