My little old Mac

Good old WordPress – they’ve introduced a new theme for bloggers (Retro Mac) as a tribute to Apple founder, Steve Jobs. His death yesterday inspired me to get my lovely old Macintosh Classic out of the attic, just to remind myself what a genius this man was. I discovered Apple in about 1984 and it was a true revelation. After battling with the old IBMs – standard issue at British Gas – we were given a demo of this truly revolutionary machine. Acquiring them, against the wishes of the BG bureaucrats whose feet and minds were set in concrete, almost cost me my job: I was officially reprimanded and threatened with dismissal.
But, eventually, I won: and once they were installed the workplace was transformed. I bought one for home, too. The smiley face that greeted you on start-up, the beautiful graphics (still black-and-white in those days) – little folders, documents that looked like real pieces of paper, not a complicated computer code, a little waste basket, and black print on a white screen, instead of that hideous green on black – all spoke of a computer that worked for you, not one you had to do battle with daily.
Steve Jobs said “Never trust a computer you can’t lift.” He was so right – to be able to pick one up, put it in a bag, carry it home and actually get to work on it immediately, was like a re-birth. I would echo Steve Jobs’ words, but might put it slightly differently: “Never trust a computer you can’t love.” I still love my old Macintosh Classic, and I love my MacBook. Next stop – an i-Pad. Christmas isn’t too far away, Ian . . .



  1. I’m not sure about Good old WordPress. The ads that they force you to watch whilst reading the blog are HIDEOUS. Love your little old apple though x

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