Just seen a fantastic play – went with Ian and Charlie. It was We are Three Sisters by Blake Morrison. I loved his family memoir, And When Did You Last See Your Father, so had high hopes for the play. I wasn’t disappointed.  It’s about the Bronte sisters and it was a Northern Broadsides touring production at the tiny but beautiful Georgian Theatre Royal in Richmond (North Yorks, not London). We had the most uncomfortable seats in the house (all that was left by the time I booked) and could see only 2/3 of the stage but still it didn’t spoil our enjoyment.
There’s a strong connection with Chekhov’s Three Sisters, apparently, which in itself is an incredible story: he apparently read a biography of the Brontes and there’s a suspicion he may have based his story on the family at Haworth. The writing is  superb – despite the gloom of life in the vicarage, it has moments of hilarity – the acting terrific, the set simple but effective. It’s on tour ’til the end of November so catch it if you can. The website’s here


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