So there we were, standing in the kitchen at 9am today, contemplating the gaps. The man from B&Q looked at the kitchen plan, looked at me, and smiled wanly. Yes, there were gaps, he agreed. And yes, it was my fault because they had been on the plan and I’d agreed to it. But he smiled again and said not to worry, it could all be put right very easily and without any argument. New cupboard, new work surface, new drawers, new everything. No more gaps.
“So – like I said, no problem there, Mrs Everett. We can fix it all. There’s just one thing. You will have to pay for it. Much as I would love to be able to say we’ll do it for nothing, I can’t. That’s just the way it is.”
I turned to the nice lady he’d brought along with him who was the showroom manager of the B&Q store. What did she think, I asked.  She looked at the spaces into which the stylish gaps had been planned, gave a little frown and shook her head in what looked to me like disbelief.
Five minutes later the problem was resolved. It would be put right and we wouldn’t have to pay another penny. So – good for her, good for him, good for B and Q. I will eat my words. In the new, red, shiny fitted kitchen. Fingers crossed . . .


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