We are town mice who have moved to the country – from Oxford to Askrigg in one giant leap. Our home is a former Methodist chapel in the centre of this Yorkshire Dales village and in August 2009 we completed the renovation, begun by our predecessors, of what is a very special building. We were too old, and not skilled enough, to do it ourselves, so we used professionals – G.E. Brown and Son of Low Row who were not only skilled craftsmen but lovely people who have done a fantastic job.

We now have three guest bedrooms which are sometime occupied by family and friends but more often by paying guests of which we have more than we bargained for, but also enjoy having more than we ever imagined.


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Dear Betsy and Ian,
    Since I have overnight joined the ranks of the unemployed I now have time to while away on your blog. Very amusing, especially the bit about teaspoons and LARC. I notice you are promoting local arts and crafts industries, shops and dog beauty parlours. Would you like to promote me as a small but perfectly formed media tycoon outwitted by a monk in an orchard?

  2. This is great – except for one thing. I have no excuse for ringing you up constantly to see how it’s all coming along! Seriously, I think it’s brilliant and very clever of you indeed to set it all up. Have forwarded your e:mail to Nicholas as he has fond memories of school camps around Askrigg.

  3. Dear Betsy and Ian, What a good idea to have a blog. It is possibly the only one I shall return to. All the others have been filled with boring trivia but this is interesting. However, you sound very very sensible instead of the Askrigg’s female Alan Bennett…

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